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My NativeScript .gitignore File

My NativeScript .gitignore File
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This is a quick post just for anyone who’s looking for a .gitignore file to add to their NativeScript projects that they version using Git.

At this point, none of the NativeScript out of the box templates generate a .gitignore file. This may be because not everyone uses Git and not everyone has the same preferences. So here are my preferences for those that may be searching for a starting point. Note: I use TypeScript with for NativeScript, so you’ll see that JavaScript files are ignored. If you are using plain old JavaScript, then you’ll have to omit that line.

Here is the file

Please submit any useful settings you may have in the comments below, or tweet at me @digitalix


Alexander Ziskind
Alexander Ziskind

From the latest tech in web development to the latest electronic music hardware and software, Alex loves to get his hands on new stuff and hack on it. Follow this feed on Nuvious related news; so web and cloud stuff here.


January 4, 2018 Sam

Why would you ignore your JavaScript files?

You'll be changing those as you develop / push features.

Isn't that why you use git for version control in the first place.

Alexander Ziskind
January 4, 2018 Alexander Ziskind

Very good point, Sam. I didn't mention that I use TypeScript - article updated.

Mike Brady
February 21, 2018 Mike Brady

Lol! That caught me out several times looking at peoples' Git ignore files. Couldn't figure why they were leaving .js out. Thanks for the clarity. Will use this one (without the *.js)

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